At StingRay Optics, a G&H Company, we develop advanced and complex optical systems for global defense and military sectors, Homeland Security, Search and Rescue, surveillance and commercial applications.  These systems span the optical spectrum of ultra violet, visible, and infrared wavelengths.  StingRay is a fast paced design environment for prototype and production volumes. 

The individual’s primary responsibility as part of the StingRay team is to represent the company in a highly professional and courteous manner when performing any of the duties required of the position above. As a StingRay employee professionalism, thoughtfulness and courtesy are expected during any and all customer and coworker interactions with the employee’s primary goal being to exceed expectations whenever possible.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Assist with answering and transferring incoming calls and visitors (as back up to Reception).

  2. Distribute calls and web leads regarding requests for information or support on StingRay products and services.

  3. Prepare price proposals for COTS products by securing the necessary application and camera information such that we can verify the project or opportunity to be a good fit for StingRay current capabilities and product offering and if so, identify a suitable StingRay product for the customer’s consideration.

  4. Responsibility for creating new customer profile and/or updating existing customer profile within StingRay databases. This includes: reviewing, completing and obtaining signatures on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), representations and certifications (reps & certs), terms and conditions (Ts & Cs), payment terms and other supplier forms and portals.

  5. Receive credit card information and customer purchase orders/contracts and review against StingRay generated price proposals prior to entering sales order into database(s), bring any differences to the attention of the appropriate sales engineer for confirmation prior to negotiating with customer.

  6. Acknowledge order and negotiate contract matters until resolution is met.

  7. Enter customer orders into StingRay database(s) and update reports accordingly.

  8. Interface with customers regarding: approval to move forward with production, Customer Supplied Material (CSM) if applicable, the status of their orders, to obtain their shipping preferences and/or relay the tracking information for their product after it is ready for shipment. Then update the database(s) accordingly.

  9. Perform follow up calls, emails and surveys to interested parties that requested information, proposals or purchased hardware in the past that could result in additional sales opportunities.

  10. Coordinate availability, execute and monitor StingRay loaner equipment opportunities with customers including maintaining a running list of loaned equipment and repeat borrowers for the sales team’s visibility.

  11. Schedule, plan and entertain customers visiting StingRay facilities.

  12. Assist the sales team with planning customer trips for onsite meetings, design reviews, demo’s and trade shows.

  13. Preparation and maintenance of both hard copy filing and electronic filing systems for data, drawings and pricing for COTS, pre-engineered and custom lens assemblies.

  14. Maintenance, review and updates to the StingRay website with assistance from StingRay marketing POC.

  15. Participation in the design, develop and production of all marketing related materials in line with StingRay’s mission which can include presentations, technical papers and or product literature.

  16. Aide with trade show preparation, including travel plans, applicable rentals for booth space and furnishings, marketing ideas, promotional materials including literature, presentations, show invitations, shipping of materials, etc.

  17. Maintain updates on key account production jobs.

  18. Maintain completed assembly inventory reports, for reference to sales engineer and to develop future stocking plans based off of forecasting reports for current product offerings.

  19. Track StingRay product deliveries for custom sales versus projected lead-times.

  20. File and ensure export compliance.

  21. Work closely with the Controller to standardize on database data entry fields, improve inputs and ensure accurate information is entered.

  22. Work closely with the Quality department on returns and corrective actions.


Backup/Secondary Responsibilities

  1. Organize, adorn and maintain StingRay main office and second conference room to offer a high tech vibe to StingRay visitors.

  2. Provide back up to the shipping department.

  3. Offer cross coverage to the sales team, office administrator and Controller wherever required.

4.      All employees at StingRay are expected to assist in the day to day duties typical of a small company including office and kitchen maintenance and cleaning, disposing of trash & recyclables, running local errands, planning & coordinating company events, etc.  

Required Skill Sets 


Essential skills required to be successful in the position include the ability to prioritize and organize workloads to realize the most immediate benefit while also addressing customer requirements and schedules, prompt and informative responses to customer inquiries, strong StingRay product knowledge and expertise, familiarity with commercial camera offerings and compatibility of our StingRay products with the commercially available cameras.


With proper training and experience the individual should be able to exhibit skills pertaining to trouble shooting of product related issues, offer direction/input to StingRay pertaining to new product development efforts and participate in the maintenance and development of future stocking plans and forecasting efforts for current product offerings.


Qualifications/ Experience

1.      BA or BS relevant degree.

2.      2-3 years of related experience.

3.      Microsoft Office experience required.


The responsibilities of this position will involve having access to items and technical data that may be controlled under U.S. export laws and regulations ("U.S. Export Control Laws"), including but not limited to the Export Administration Regulations ("EAR") and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations ("ITAR"). In order to comply with the U.S. Export Control Laws, and in conjunction with the review of candidates for those positions within G&H that may present access to export-controlled technical data, G&H must assess whether candidates are "U.S. persons" as defined under the EAR (15 C.F.R. Part 772) and the ITAR (22 C.F.R. § 120.15). Certain questions asked during the application process are intended to assess this and will be used for evaluation purposes only.