CUSTOM lenses

After fifteen years and thousands of one-of-a-kind optical solutions under our belts, custom lens developments continue to be the reason a lot of folks at StingRay get out of bed in the morning. 

 Since our inception in 2004, StingRay has been answering the call of those in need of an optical system to address their unique requirements. A cooperatively developed StingRay solution will set you apart from the competition by reflecting the quality of your product. 

 After just shy of twenty consecutive years honing these skills, our optical design, mechanical & electrical engineering, assembly, and technical sales teams have amassed unparalleled experienced in the custom optical systems markets. 

 This experience directly contributed to the development of the industry’s broadest set of COTS infrared product offerings as well as recent expansion to support both commercial and defense production opportunities though custom optical design continues to be the bedrock StingRay is built on today!

Standard Lenses


Think StingRay; think SWIR. The industry can’t help it. That’s because our team of engineers and designers paved the way to commercially available lenses optimized for both performance and transmission in the shortwave. As commercially available SWIR cameras continue to evolve, so do our offerings. StingRay SWIR lenses are available in every configuration under the sun. Whether you're looking for hi-rez, telecentric, extended waveband range, large format, you name it; StingRay can make it happen!



Designed around commercially available InSb & MCT cameras and cores, the StingRay team's twenty plus years of experience in MWIR lens design and fabrication is leveraged to ensure the highest performance. Do yourself a favor and look a little further, we have many families to consider in our extensive MWIR offerings.



StingRay’s commitment to high-performing systems is embodied in our LWIR lens offerings. Our COTS long wave series has been designed to suit those applications that include scientific grade cryogenically cooled LWIR cameras while the uncooled assemblies we’ve developed and delivered over the years are deployed in the most challenging environments. When LWIR performance is king, StingRay has you covered.



Who says you can’t have it all? StingRay is THE industry leader in broadband lens solutions spanning multiple regions of the spectrum. As detector and focal plane sensitivities have broadened, the need for more capable commercial lens solutions has become evident. StingRay answers that call like no other. Below is a sampling of some of our existing lens solutions. Take a look around. Prepare to be amazed.

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