The StingRay Optics team has developed a reputation as a proven industry leader, bringing unique cutting-edge optical solutions to fruition for a diverse customer base. Our experts can offer support to you and your organization in areas including, but not limited to, optical and opto-mechanical design, prototyping, and system production.


We encourage our clients to enlist our services at the earliest point of any project. Our strength lies in educating our customers on the pros and cons of all design solutions available while taking into consideration physical limitations, individual project performance, size, financial and scheduling goals. Our design services have been used by countless small business innovative research efforts from the first phase onward. We've also worked with the "big names" to develop cutting-edge technology.




The prototype phase is vital in measuring the potential of any concept, design, or future product. A prototype represents the engineering efforts invested and opens the door to key design improvements. StingRay's ability to decipher system requirements, support development, and offer assurance of a functional concept are unparalleled. We combine out-of-the-box thinking with logical, practical and established methods learned through design and fabrication experience to convey the promise of things to come.


During the production phase, our customers see their product ideas grow from smaller quantities into larger volumes. Our experienced assembly team can deliver your larger orders with the same skill and precision as your smaller orders. Whether you need 10 assemblies or 10,000, StingRay has you covered.


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Whether you need advice on a single lens element or help with a full optical assembly design, from the UV through the visible and IR wavelength ranges, we are here to support your organization's success in each and every project. With over forty years experience in the field of optical design alone, our designers have compiled a reputation for proven success in developing creative, cost-effective optical solutions. Our knowledge gives your company the advantage it needs in today's ever-changing imaging market.


The fabrication and assembly process of optical housings and structures is critical to the success of an optical system. Integration of the optics to their mechanical housing can offer unique challenges that depend on the successful union of the optical and mechanical designs. Our engineering team has worked closely for over sixteen years, integrating optics and mechanics into complete systems. Our extensive experience with traditional and exotic materials, as well as ground to space based applications, results in optical solutions that are manufacturable, cost effective, reliable, and suitable for your challenging opto-mechanical requirements.




Along with the ability to design and educate our clients, we also have the knowledge and experience to assemble your custom lens solutions and the sub-components that may come with your system. With 135 years combined experience designing and assembling optical systems of all shapes, wavelengths, and sizes, StingRay has the capabilities and experience you can depend on to assemble your system.


StingRay's state-of-the-art in house testing capabilities ensure that individual parts, as well as completed systems, meet and exceed our customers' performance specifications. We employ industry-standard tests to verify our lens elements and housings have been manufactured per the component level tolerances before the assembly process begins. Once assembled, StingRay's accurate characterization of system-level performance regardless of the final products size, shape, or wavelength, provides the end-user confidence they have received a top-notch system.