Think StingRay; think SWIR.  The industry can’t help it.  That’s because our team of engineers and designers paved the way to commercially available lenses optimized for both performance and transmission in the shortwave. As commercially available SWIR cameras continue to evolve, so do our offerings. StingRay SWIR lenses are available in every configuration under the sun. Whether you're looking for hi-rez, telecentric, extended waveband range, large format, you name it; StingRay can make it happen!


StingRay’s flagship SWIR family is employed by countless end users in a multitude of commercial, research, and defense applications. The Fuchsia Series offers unrivaled value as well as a multitude of configurations to choose from.  Each focal length is offered in two styles making them suitable for everything from laboratories to fielded environments. Lens accessories such as adapters, extension rings,  and filter holders transform our lenses into veritable multi-tools, universally compatible with a wide array of commercially available cameras.  Every lens in this series employs SWIR specific materials and coatings, resulting in maximized transmission and chromatic performance that outpaces the rest of the industry’s baseline SWIR offerings.



Always keeping the customer’s imaging needs in mind, StingRay has identified the demand for an affordable, high performing line of SWIR zoom lenses. Our designers have struck and incredible balance between cost and performance with the new FireAnt Series. Achromatically corrected from 0.9-1.7µm and supporting up to 21mm format FPA’s, these zooms are compatible with a wide array of commercially available InGaAs cameras. Current options include a 25-250mm F/2 and 30-300mm F/4 with new versions on the horizon!



As pixels have become smaller and array formats larger, end users are increasingly demanding optics that showcase the hi-rez capabilities of their cameras.  StingRay’s high performance Cherry Series assemblies are tailor-suited to meet these demands offering the highest performance of any commercially available SWIR lens on the market while also compatible with image formats up to 24mm on the diagonal!    

We recognize that sensor materials are becoming more and more capable, so lens manufacturers have to pull their weight as well!  The StingRay GhostSight Series is a testament to that effort. A commercially available line of lenses corrected for performance and throughput in both the visible and shortwave spectrums simultaneously, this family of lenses allows users to harvest every available photon that their sensor can detect.