"Lenses like to roll off benches when you lay them on their side... You'd think with my experience and background something as fundamental as that would be understood. Thankfully the StingRay Product Support Team was able to step in and put 'Humpty Dumpty' back together in a timely and cost-effective manner"  -Anonymous Customer 
"We'd borrowed a SWIR lens from a lab partner to help with our efforts to characterize laser beam profiles, but we needed to understand a bit more about the lens in order to feel confident about our results. StingRay was able to put the lens through the paces and return a detailed performance data package for us. Now we have a  great amount of confidence in the results we gather with it."  -Research Laboratory Customer
"We had a MWIR collimator system that had been used for an older program. Our new specs were almost identical but we needed to stand the UUT (Unit Under Test) off at a different distance. StingRay came through with a quote to modify our existing equipment at a fraction of the cost to develop a new collimator!"  -Military Base Customer 
'My company runs analysis on row crops using a variety of UAV platforms. Our SWIR lens was giving us great results, but wild temperature swings in our neck of the woods sometimes caused us to lose focus. StingRay suggested motorizing the focus for remote adjustments from the ground...GENIUS! We hadn't even considered retrofitting our existing equipment until talking to StingRay Product Support. We saved a considerable amount of time and money that can now be reinvested into other facets of our growing business."  -Precision Agriculture Customer

Every support inquiry is handled collaboratively with you on a case by case basis by our experienced technical sales, engineering, design, and assembly teams.  We'll give you all we have to offer each and every time.

Please reach out with any requirements utilizing existing optical equipment and StingRay will be there to support it!