meet our people. 


chris alexay. general manager. 

Chris C. Alexay founded his first company, Christopher Alexay & Associates in December of 2004. The company in its original form supported organizations that offered solutions which required optical subassemblies. After only a few months providing optical design and product development services, Chris supervised the transition of CA&A from a purely consulting organization to complete full up optical product development, fabrication and testing under a new name, StingRay Optics, LLC. In addition to his efforts during the company’s first five years to establish StingRay as a recognized supplier of custom optical systems, he was known for his role as the former director of the Custom Solutions Group and Chief Optical Designer for Janos Technology Inc, where he was employed for over thirteen years. Chris has been a featured speaker and chair at key industry conferences and has contributed numerous publications to the optical community.

Captain of the StingRay ship.


troy palmer. engineering manager. 

Troy A. Palmer has been responsible for all facets of Engineering for StingRay Optics LLC since he started with the company in August of 2005. A true testament to his efforts is the growth his department has realized in only a few short years. In addition to being responsible for a team of opto-mechanical engineers, technicians and assemblers, Troy is also StingRay’s Lead Opto-Mechanical engineer. Prior to joining StingRay, Troy spent eight years as a Senior Opto-Mechanical Engineer at Janos Technology Inc. where he began his career shortly after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Union College in Mechanical Engineering. Similar to his early years as an opto-mechanical engineer, he continues to support all facets of mechanical engineering, including designs for tools, fixtures, and lens mounts in addition to assembly and testing of the custom optical assemblies. Troy’s experience, knowledge and appreciation of the challenges involved in machining mechanical parts allows him to develop cutting edge design solutions. In addition to his engineering degree he also received an M.B.A. from Franklin Pierce College.

loves hot wings and cool mechanical designs.


stephanie diaz. office manager & accountant.

steph found a way to practice surfing on dry land.

Stephanie Diaz joined the StingRay Optics team in June 2012 as our Office Manager & Accountant. She is a 2009 graduate of Pine Manor College with a BA in Economic & Financial Systems. An All-Conference lacrosse player, Stephanie also rounded out her athletic résumé by playing soccer and basketball! Prior to finding her way to the StingRay family, Ms. Ludwig worked as a financial analyst at the Scott Lawson Group. Recently, she completed her MBA in strategic leadership through New England College. In her free time, Stephanie loves surfing, four-wheeling, dancing, reading and going for runs with her dog, Max!


loren blaisdell. assembly manager.


Loren Blaisdell joined StingRay Optics in February 2012 as our Assembly Manager. He brought with him a wealth of knowledge that has been accrued over the past thirteen years that he has spent in the optics industry. Mr. Blaisdell began working for Bob Ball (see below) in 2000, grinding and polishing lenses at Janos Technology. Soon after, Loren began assembling full optical assemblies. In 2006, he made the move to Diop (now General Dynamics), as a Senior Opto-Mechanical Tech. During his time at General Dynamics, Loren trained and mentored new employees; a skill that he’s transitioned into his role at StingRay Optics! When he’s not ‘in the zone’ building our complex motorized systems, Loren enjoys photography (take a look at his work throughout the site!), hiking, kayaking and snowshoeing!

makes his way out of the woods of new hampshire to build lenses from time to time.



bob ball. master opto-mechanical assembly technician. 

the godfather of optical assembly.


Bob Ball acts as the quality and assembly engineer for StingRay Optics, LLC. His fifty years of experience in infrared optical industry extends from fabrication through management of various areas of infrared optical assembly production. He started his career in optics at American Optical where he worked in all phase of optical fabrication including grinding, polishing and generating. It was here that he learned the intricacies of cementing and potting lenses into mechanical housings. Transitioning his expertise to Janos Technology Inc. he was instrumental in establishing the companies lens assembly capabilities in addition responsibilities including but not limited to estimating, fabrication processes, optical shop supervisor, scheduling and training.


mark ball. senior opto-mechanical assembly technician.


 Mark Ball joined StingRay Optics during the summer of 2008 to support our customer’s increased custom optical assembly requirements.  Mark brings hands on knowledge of mechanical assembly, an acute eye for cleanliness.  As an assistant assembler for StingRay he is responsible for incoming inspection and pretreatment of our optical and opto-mechanical components. In 2009 as the demand for custom optical systems continued to grow, Mark became a full time employee. We are excited to have Mark as part of our assembly and quality efforts and look forward to realizing his full capabilities. 

son of bob. optics runs in his blood.


steve vogel. systems engineer. 



the magician of mirror alignment and a true cider fan.

Steven H. Vogel began his career with StingRay in January of 2009 as a Senior Opto-Mechanical Engineer. Prior to becoming a member of StingRay’s elite engineering team, he amassed twenty plus years of custom opto-mechanical design experience encompassing refractive and reflective solutions. Steve’s experience in design and aligning systems spans the spectrum; from infrared microscopes to ultraviolet mercury analyzers. As a specialist in precision optical assembly design and alignment he will be a great asset to both StingRay Optics and our customers. Steven received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering in addition to an MBA Degree with a concentration in Finance from the University of Bridgeport and the University of Connecticut.


sam wyman. head of commercial sales. 


Sam Wyman joined the StingRay Optics team in June 2011 as our Standard Products Specialist.  He is a 2011 graduate of Keene State College with a degree in communications.  During his final semester at Keene State, Sam interned with StingRay's Sales and Marketing department. In his role as StingRay's first Standard Product Specialist, Sam is responsible for the sale and support of all standard and modified lenses, adapters and filter holders. He prides himself on his knack for interpreting the needs of every application, and ensuring that all customers end up with successful optical systems. In his free time, Sam enjoys skiing, road & mountain biking, good (and not so good) beer, cruising on his motorcycle, hunting, cooking up tasty meals, and hiking the many trails of New England with friends and family (especially with his girlfriend and their black lab, Josie)!


loves standard lenses and ginormous burgers... in that order.


brian packard. opto-mechanical engineer. 

enjoys running into burning buildings for fun. who is this guy?

Brian Packard joined the StingRay team in December 2011 as an opto-mechanical engineer. He is a 2008 graduate of the University of Alaska at Anchorage, graduating with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, Brian returned to his home state of New Hampshire, where he quickly developed his engineering skill set through a progression of positions at notable New England organizations, most recently USFIRST Robotics. Along with his engineering expertise, Brian also works tirelessly to mainain all of StingRay's computer systems. In his free time, Brian volunteers as a firefighter in Rindge, New Hampshire. 


chris beauregard. opto-mechanical engineer.


Chris Beauregard joined the StingRay Optics team in March 2012 as an Opto-Mechanical Engineer. Prior to adding his expertise to our lineup, Chris spent years developing his craft as a key member of many fine local companies. After graduating from Technical Careers Institute, alongside coursework at Keene state College, Mr. Beauregard began his professional career at Kingsbury Machine Tool (ironically enough, in the same building that StingRay calls home today!). He then continued his advancement through positions at Access Design, Precitech, and most recently, ABTech Manufacturing. His eye for detail and knack for organization definitely makes life easier for those around him. In his free time, Chris enjoys going to the ocean, kayaking, football, and driving his beloved RV to NASCAR events and campgrounds all over the land!

precise. fast. a little rowdy. just like his beloved NASCAR.


jj conboy. head of custom sales.


the glasses are for eye safety around the test bench. the hair is for pure style points.

JJ Conboy joined the StingRay Optics team in March 2012 as our Quality Assurance Engineer. He is a 2010 graduate of Keene State College with a BA in English. Prior to completing his studies at KSC, JJ was a standout offensive lineman for the Norwich University football team while also studying physics. He also taught in the special education department at Keene High School while managing a successful local craft beer bar (the man does it all!). As StingRay Optics’ Quality Assurance Engineer, Mr. Conboy is responsible for testing and verifying all incoming and outgoing optical assemblies and spearheading our brand new Repair & Refurbishment Service! In his free time, JJ is the defensive coordinator for our local KHS Blackbirds football program. He also loves spending time with his wife, Adrienne, and their two awesome boys, Whitman and Brody!


philip pause. opto-mechanical engineer.

Phil is an accomplished ribbon dancer, showcasing his 'performance art' at various local festivals throughout the fall.

Philip Pause started his engineering career at StingRay Optics as an intern in December 2014.  After a couple months he worked his way up and was hired full-time as an opto-mechanical engineer where he does most of his work testing our products and developing mechanical designs.  Philip’s perseverance and willingness to learn makes him a strong problem solver for the engineering team.  Philip has degrees from Saint Michael’s College, the University of Vermont, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.When he’s not thinking about and working with optics he’s focused on listening and playing music, watching sports and movies, going to the gym and challenging Sam to push up competitions on Friday afternoons.

phil engineers some serious metal in his free time.

stacey rogers. opto-mechanical assembly technician.

Stacey Rogers joined the StingRay Optics team in April 2015 as an Opto-Mechanical Assembly Technician. Prior to joining our team, Stacey spent time developing and refining her skill set a number of local optics-related companies, including: Omega Optical, Janos Technology and Corning . A 2007 Keene High School graduate, Stacey is proud to live and work in the same great community that she grew up in. In her free time, Stacey enjoys horseback riding, hunting, gardening and spending time with her family and friends. (Oh, and she bakes a mean cookie, too!)


curtis butler. test engineer/compliance officer

Curtis Butler started his engineering career at StingRay Optics September 2016. With a Bachelors Degree in Sustainable Product Design and Innovation from Keene State College, his creative approach to problem solving makes for a great team member. Before StingRay, Curtis worked as the Lead Design Engineer for a Waste Water Recycling Company. With his extensive background he not only works as a Test Engineer at StingRay, but also our Compliance Officer. With his background in sustainability he has introduced new recycling programs for our company to reduce our impact on the planet as well. When he’s not trying to save the world you can find him promoting manufacturing as the Chairmen for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Chapter 124 or cruising around town on his motorcycle.