StingRay studios. 

a premiere infrared film house. 

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Two fire rangers sit atop a mountain. One relies on his trusty binoculars, while the other puts his trust in StingRay's industry-leading MWIR zoom lens. Guess who spots the hot spot first? For more information, visit or call (603) 358-5577.

Sam the pirate on the joys (and dangers) of the pirate life, seeing mermaids and how StingRay Optics shortwave infrared technology saves his life.


StingRay hits the gridiron! When it comes to optical systems, StingRay's got your back.

*DISCLAIMER* No StingRay employees were seriously injured during filming.

StingRay Optics is proud to design and build lenses used for a vast array of applications: green energy, defense, precision agriculture, etc. Sam and Travis also use StingRay MWIR for their own, 'experiments'.

A New Hampshire backwoods tradition is finally caught on camera in LWIR. StingRay presents: 'Epic Burnout'