StingRay Part Number: SR3022-A01 – F/3.5, 580mm EFL, 0.7-1.8µm, C-Mount interface, suitable for FPA’s up to 14.4mm on the diagonal.

It is no secret InGaAs pixels are shrinking and HD formats are becoming more prevalent. StingRay’s commercially available Cherry series of Hi-Rez SWIR lenses was created specifically to suit this emerging technology. While shorter focal lengths from this series are available off the shelf, it is rare that we have hardware capable of long range pointing and tracking in stock. In most instances, these lenses are produced in direct response to an order. Well, thank your lucky stars, or use them to determine your geo-spatial location, as we currently have a Hi-Rez SWIR telescope in stock and available for immediate delivery!

Availability is limited and orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact a StingRay sales representative today for more information.