Senior Sales Engineer

The position referenced above is a full time position which assumes a forty (40) hour work week to be performed at StingRay’s office located at 17A Bradco St Keene NH 03431.

The Senior Sales Engineer position requires an individual that is outgoing, enthusiastic, self-motivated and detail oriented. He/she must exhibit superior communication skills both orally and written and have the capability/capacity to comprehend most technical aspects associated with the company’s standard product offering and custom optical solutions capabilities enabling the individual to effectively explain, educate and instruct both StingRay customers and co-workers on these matters.


Essential skills required to be successful in the position include the ability to prioritize workloads to realize the most immediate benefit while also addressing customer requirements and schedules, prompt and informative responses to customer inquiries, strong StingRay product and capability knowledge and expertise, familiarity with commercial camera offerings and compatibility with our StingRay products with these commercially available cameras and cores.


Daily activities for a Senior Sales Engineer may involve responding to general inquiries from sources such as incoming calls, faxes and emails seeking information on our company, products and services. The act of carrying out this responsibility requires the individual to be able to:


  1. Verify the project or opportunity to be a good fit for StingRay current capabilities, capacities and profit margins/targets.
  2. Secure the necessary application and camera information such that it can be determined if a standard, modified standard or custom optical solution is the best option for the project.  
  3. Process price quotes and proposals for standard products, pre-engineered systems or custom solutions that were deemed a good match for the requirements based upon the efforts described above.
  4. Perform follow up calls, emails or face to face meetings with interested parties that could result in potential sales opportunities for StingRay’s product offerings.
  5. Schedule, plan and entertain customers visiting StingRay facilities both during and outside of normal business hours.
  6. Compile sales forecasts using input/data from the sales team to offer visibility to the management team on the company’s health, growth opportunities, etc.
  7. Provide customer updates including order status, offer insight/direction with customer related payment related issues, and resolve differences between customer shipping preferences with those of StingRay’s recommendations for our products.
  8. Coordinate availability, execute and monitor StingRay loaner equipment opportunities
  9. Aide with trade show preparation, including making travel plans, applicable rental agreements for booth space, equipment and furnishings.
  10. Work with sales, engineering, order entry, accounting and shipping to process any resulting orders per the customers’ requirements and offer input on workload prioritization and project scheduling to help assist the StingRay’s engineering and program managers to meet our customer’s deadlines.
  11. Follow up with customers that ordered StingRay products to determine satisfaction with product received, obtain their feedback on our customer service/support and to inquire about the possibility for future projects requiring optical systems that could result in new business for StingRay.
  12. Establish and maintain processes to enable the goals defined above

Listed below are functions or tasks that may be asked of the Senior Sales Engineer based upon the company’s needs:

  • Offer cross coverage or back up to sales team and other departments whenever necessary.
  • Exhibit skills pertaining to trouble shooting of product related issues based upon growth and increased knowledge and experience as it relates to our products and services.  
  • Contribute to OEM customer contract negotiations for blanket sales order opportunities.
  • Offer direction/input to StingRay management pertaining to new product development efforts or service offerings.
  • Develop future stocking plans and forecasting efforts for current product offerings to best match market demands.
  • Contribute to the StingRay team's endeavors to remain an innovator in this ever expanding technical market wherever services are needed
  • Work closely with managers and coworkers to ensure proper communication including developing/ establishing SOPs, training materials, etc.
  • Participate in the evaluation and selection of office equipment, phones, computers, tablets, databases, etc. as well as offering training to team members on the proper use any such systems.  


To be considered for this position the right candidate will require:


  • A BS or equivalent experience preferably in the technical field or professional environment
  • Five (5) plus years of technical sales experience, demonstrated customer service experience including references and ability to prepare sales forecasts
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong mathematics base including competency in geometry and algebra 
  • Willingness to travel in support of responsibilities at StingRay
  • Must be willing and able to obtain security clearance (through StingRay Optics)


General StingRay Employee Responsibilities


All employees of StingRay are expected to assist in the day to day duties of a small company including answering incoming calls, picking up, separating and distributing incoming mail, preparation of outgoing shipments, dropping off packages for shipment, ordering or purchasing office supplies, office and kitchen maintenance, running local errands, joint company marketing efforts, preparation for customer visits, planning and coordinating company events.


The responsibilities of this position will involve having access to items and technical data that may be controlled under U.S. export laws and regulations ("U.S. Export Control Laws"), including but not limited to the Export Administration Regulations ("EAR") and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations ("ITAR").  In order to comply with the U.S. Export Control Laws, and in conjunction with the review of candidates for those positions within StingRay that may present access to export-controlled technical data, StingRay must assess whether candidates are "U.S. persons" as defined under the EAR (15 C.F.R. Part 772) and the ITAR (22 C.F.R.  § 120.15).  Certain questions asked during the application process are intended to assess this and will be used for evaluation purposes only.  Failure to provide the necessary information in this regard will result in our inability to consider you further for this particular position.  The decision whether or not to file or pursue an export license application is at StingRay's sole election.