ryan bemis. in loving memory. 

It is with the saddest of hearts that we say goodbye to a member of our StingRay family, Ryan Bemis. Ryan unexpectedly passed away and those of us that remain are left to contemplate the feeling of loss in our lives.

During his time at StingRay, Ryan offered us so much in the way of support and energy. In doing so he helped make us a strong company, as well as a respected member in our technical community. The heartbreaking truth is that StingRay will never be quite the same as we were without Ryan's passion, creativity and tireless pursuit of perfection.

Ryan was perhaps one of the most inquisitive and determined people we have ever had the pleasure to meet, let alone work with. Ryan was truly tireless. He was a man with much passion; for music, for food, for invention, for good health and for the craziest of beverages. He never ceased solving our problems, never shrank from a task saying it was too hard, too complicated, I never heard him tell me he couldn't. Instead, he rose up and confronted it with all he had and I can tell you one thing for sure, he defeated many more challenges than then they defeated him. There is so much to learn in the way Ryan faced his challenges.

We became so used to having him here, that we never really understood what not having him here would mean. And so we learn. We learn perhaps more about him in our grief then we knew in all the time he was here. And each of us wishes we had a moment more with him. Just one chance to tell him all what we didn't get the chance to, what we now realize he meant to us.

It is our deepest wish that his spirit will always know there is a welcome place amongst his StingRay family.