office administrative assistant.

The individual’s primary responsibility as part of the StingRay team is to represent the company in a highly professional and courteous manner when performing any of the duties required of the position described above. As a StingRay employee professionalism, thoughtfulness and courtesy are expected during any and all customer and coworker interactions with the employee’s primary goal being to exceed the customer’s expectations whenever possible.

Primary Duties – General Office and or Accountant Assistance

  1. Assist with answering incoming calls, recording company voice mail messages, distributing faxes and maintaining an internal phone extension list.  
  2. Work closely with Office Manager to standardize on Account Edge database data entry fields, create & maintain templates and  serve as back up when needed and expert of the operating system so that others use the system correctly
  3. Request credit references & set up new customers in StingRay database
  4. Enter sales or booked  orders into StingRay database
  5. Prepare outgoing shipment paperwork for completed orders and work with sales POC & accounts receivable to process shipment correctly
  6. Coordinate availability, maintain master schedule and cleanliness of conference rooms  for internal meetings along with vendor & customers visits to StingRay
  7. Identify, procure and stock office supplies including coffee, water, cream, etc.
  8. Organize, adorn and maintain/clean StingRay main office and second conference room including fish and plants
  9. Support with coordinating company events, meetings, off sites wherever needed
  10. Offer cross coverage to office manager whenever possible    

Primary Duties – Sales Assistance

  1. Review, complete, obtain signature of NDAs with potential customers and monitor master spreadsheet for validity
  2. Review & complete customer representation & certification forms on a yearly basis
  3. Provide W9s to sales when requested by customer
  4. Review and assist with terms & conditions negotiations on contracts
  5. Review customer PO against StingRay price proposals
  6. Enter sales orders into RFQ list when responsible sales engineer is unavailable
  7. Provide customer updates including order status, resolve payment related issues, customer shipping preferences
  8. Assist with incoming customer calls & website requests for information or support on Stingray Products & Services even just to acknowledge receipt until they can be responded 
  9. Provide StingRay product and or service information to customers and potential customers in both oral and written form
  10. Coordinate availability, execute and monitor StingRay bailment agreements  for loaner equipment opportunities
  11. Aide with trade show preparation, including travel plans, applicable rentals for booth space and furnishings
  12. Maintenance, review and updates to the StingRay website
  13. Assist with the coordinate or production of marketing materials
  14. Offer cross coverage to sales team wherever possible  

Secondary Assistance – Engineering

1.       Maintain the NDAs for all currently used vendors and or new suppliers

2.       Purchasing for engineering and assembly departments.

3.       Support engineering by monitoring & presenting results on vendor performance (which could be used as leverage on future buys from said suppliers, negotiating better terms, etc.)

General StingRay Responsibilities

All employees at StingRay are expected to assist in the day to day duties typical of a small company including answering incoming calls, preparation of outgoing shipments, scheduling and delivery of packages for shipment, office and kitchen maintenance and cleaning, disposing of trash & recyclables, running local errands, planning & coordinating company events, etc.